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This ad asks for inclusion of all women in a Durga Puja ritual (which is less exclusionary now)

‘Let’s change the tradition of division.’


On the face of it, this advertisement is a call for inclusiveness. Timed with the celebration of Durga Puja, the Bengali spot presents a little tale of “outsiders” among women – the lesbian, the trans person, the woman whose husband left her because of cysts in her ovary, the lonely widow – who are supposed to be excluded from the traditional custom of “sindoor khela”.

It is true that till recently, this ritual – carried out on the morning of Bijoya Dashami, the day on which the idols of Durga and her family are immersed to signify their return home – was confined to married women and related to a blissful conjugal life. And people such as the ones depicted in the advertisement (portrayed by actors) were left out.

However, that original practice has been largely abandoned, especially at community celebrations, and all women – and even men – irrespective of marital status or age, take part in what is one of the last moments of merry-making.

The ad, put out by a newspaper – and somewhat overacted with slightly melodramatic lines – builds its narrative around women without husbands who declare that they will also participate in the ritual. While the statement, asserting freedom and equality, is a timely one, the insinuation of exclusion from “sindoor khela” may not be in-sync with the times.

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A phone so stunning that it deserves its own photoshoot

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With the distinctive placement of the rear cameras, this phone makes a great subject for a photographic series.

Gaurav Sawn Photography
Gaurav Sawn Photography

The light reveals the fluidity of its body; curves that fit perfectly in the contours of a palm.

Gaurav Sawn Photography
Gaurav Sawn Photography

Reclining on a bed of satin, the glass-encased phone blends into the folds of the luxurious fabric.

The slimness, seamlessness and solidity of the phone make for a great profile shot.

A stunning design which is IP68 rated water-resistant too, it is as beautiful as it is strong.

We partnered with photographer Gaurav Sawn to create this series. Says Gaurav, “The glass sandwich design looks extremely good and the reflections on the back panel make the phone stand out. This is a phone that is best used without a case. The curved corners were also very comfortable to hold. All in all, really enjoyed shooting this phone!”

While this phone is elegant and crafted to perfection, it is also extremely tough, being protected from scratches with Corning® Gorilla® Glass that stretches all the way around.

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For the music lover, this phone is a boon. With simultaneous connectivity of up to four Bluetooth® audio devices at the same time, you can build your own stereo system without worrying about cables.

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This article was produced by the Scroll marketing team on behalf of Motorola and not by the Scroll editorial team.