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Watch: How NASA used the earth’s gravity to propel a spacecraft to a nearby asteroid

The use of the ‘slingshot effect’ added a kick of 8,500 miles per hour to the spacecraft without the use of any fuel.


In 2016, NASA launched a spacecraft named Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security, Regolith Explorer or OSIRIS-REx, and sent it on its way to a near-Earth asteroid named Bennu. And on September 22, the spacecraft, roughly the size of an SUV, slingshot around the Earth’s South Pole, altering its trajectory and so as to reach Bennu in the autumn of 2018.

The episode of NASA’s video podcast series ScienceCasts titled Riding the Slingshot to Bennu explains exactly how crucial the “slingshot” was for the mission to be successful. Describing gravity as “most efficient and powerful force of all”, the narrator explains how the earth-gravity assist or the slingshot effect was used to propel the spacecraft towards its destination.

Scientists hope that the mission will bring back a couple of ounces of the asteroid, so that they “can explore how planets formed and life began.” The asteroid is known to regularly cross the Earth’s orbit, with a 1-in-2,700 chance that it could crash to the surface of our planet between 2175 and 2196.

This is not NASA’s first rodeo. In 1974, they employed the slingshot effect when they used the gravity of Venus to help spacecraft Marin 10 to reach Mercury. The earth’s gravity assist (EGA) will help OSIRIS-REx reach Bennu even though their paths are not the same: Bennu’s orbit is tilted by about six degrees compared to Earth’s. The EGA thus serves two purposes: increasing its speed as well as altering its trajectory. OSIRIS-REx is scheduled to return to Earth in 2023.

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When house hunting is as easy as shopping for groceries

The supermarket experience comes to a sector where you least expected it.

The woes of a house hunter in India are many. The dreary process starts with circling classifieds in newspapers and collecting shiny brochures. You flip through the proposed and ready designs that launch a hundred daydreams on the spot. So far so good. But, every house hunter would attest to the soul-crushing experience of checking out a disappointing property.

The kitchen of a 2BHK is carved from the corner of the hall, the 3BHK is a converted 2BHK, the building looks much older than in the pictures…. after months of reading the fine line, and between the lines, you feel like all the diagrams and highlights seem to blur into each other.

After much mental stress, if you do manage to zero in on a decent property, there’s a whole new world of knowledge to be navigated - home loans to be sifted through, taxes to be sorted and a finance degree to be earned for understanding it all.

Do you wish a real estate platform would address all your woes? Like a supermarket, where your every need (and want) is catered to? Imagine all your property choices nicely lined up and arranged with neat labels and offers. Imagine being able to compare all your choices side by side. Imagine viewing verfied listings and knowing what you see is what you get. Imagine having other buyers and experts guiding you along every step while you make one of the most important investments in your life. Imagine...

MagicBricks has made every Indian house hunters’ daydream of a simplified real estate supermarket a reality. Now you have more than a pile of brochures at your disposal as the online real estate marketplace brings you lakhs of choices to your fingertips. Instead of bookmarking pages, you can narrow down your choices by area, budget, house type etc. Just so you aren’t hit by FOMO, you can always add a suburb you’ve been eyeing or an extra bedroom to your filter. But there’s more to a house than just floor space. On MagicBricks, you can check for good schools in the vicinity, a park for evening walks or at least an assured easier commute. Save time and energy by vetting properties based on the specs, pictures and floor plans uploaded and have all your niggling concerns addressed on the users’ forum.

Shortlisted a property? Great! No need to descend down another spiral of anxiety. Get help from reliable experts on MagicBricks on matters of legalities, home loans, investment, property worth etc. You can even avail their astrology and Vastu services to ensure an auspicious start to life in your new home or office. With its entire gamut of offerings, MagicBricks has indeed brought the supermarket experience to real estate in India, as this fun video shows below.


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