The folks at Walt Disney World’s Animatronics have been hard at work building a robot of of former United States President Abraham Lincoln that looks disconcertingly real. The simulacrum can assume different facial expressions, and will join the talking robot of President Donald Trump in the Hall of Presidents attraction in Florida.

While Garner Holt Productions is credited for giving theme parks thousands of animatronic figures over the years, the studio’s newest project with Disney’s audio animatronics has led to the most realistic Abraham Lincoln in awhile. Note that this one has 40 unique motions and a new proprietary silicon skin that can easily replicate wrinkles. And the video of the robo-Lincoln is paired with civil war music.

It is meant to be a part of a series called “The Living Faces of History” that will be pitched to theme park clients and museums. Founder Garner Holt explained in a blog post: “The Lincoln bust is part of GHP’s Expressive Head Project, where we’ve endeavoured to add realistic facial expression to animatronics in order to add an extra dimension of lifelike movement.”