Ever wondered how far back you can trace “mansplaining” – where men explain things to women in a patronising manner, simply because they’re women?

For all we know, it would have started as far back as the stone age (or as soon as humans could speak, whichever came earlier) as the video above explains, tongue firmly in cheek. With over 1.2 million views on Facebook, the description of the video says it all: “First there was man, then there was mansplaining.”

We have Bunga, our pre-historic version of a modern-day feminist, attempting to make a fire, when Ugg, the rogue mansplainer, appears and starts to impart instructions on how to do it. “Bunga know how to make fire. Stop man explaining,” she says, adding, “Man explaining when man explain to woman but talk down.”

Ugg takes to the classic “not all men” argument to defend himself. But Bunga doesn’t let him off easy. And there’s an apt twist in the tail too.