When you’re trying really hard to eat healthy, but it’s hard to stock fresh produce that doesn’t start to rot quickly, your chances of reaching for food items with preservatives and a longer shelf life are very high.

Andy George, who runs the How To Make Everything YouTube channel, decided to figure out which traditional preserving methods actually work. George was adamant that he wanted to be able to whip up a sandwich that would stay fresh until he actually felt like eating it (even if that meant a year later).

His video highlights his many attempts at smoking, salting, pickling, fermenting and dehydrating several common sandwich ingredients in a bid to identify what would work best without ruining the flavour.

As it turns out, most of these methods did work. After four weeks, most of the ingredients were still safe to consume.

The taste, though, wasn’t the best. He described his sandwich as “intensely dry” and “salty”. Full marks for trying, though. He said it was “still edible”.