A new mockumentary, The Wolf of Chawl Street, is the story of a young boy who hopes to make it big in bhaigiri in Mumbai. But Luvz, who calls himself a “street artisht”, has been interested in painting ever since he was a child. In his words, “Vo (Ganpati) time pe apan drawing mein chaar saal third prize leke aaya (During Ganpati, I won the third prize for four years in the drawing competition).”

But Luvz – whose name is actually Luv – is a source of worry for his mother, for he is neither wanted by the police nor a drinker. His best friend has gone to jail, setting a benchmark.

And then one day, he hears about Banksy, the graffiti artist and political activist, on television, which sparks the idea for an insidious business scheme that lets Luvz live up to the expectations of his mother and also chase his dream of being an artist.

Produced by Dexter Lab Productions (DLP), the hilarious mockumentary is set in the chawls of Mumbai. “I was always interested in the tapori side of Mumbai, and we wanted to make the milieu believable,” Pranav Bhasin from DLP told “The team shot in the dingiest corners of Mumbai, with a GoPro and a mirrorless camera in hand at all times. We ensured the locals weren’t disturbed.”