Journalist Fareed Zakaria on Sunday offered an important – and controversial – perspective on how the media should respond to Donald Trump’s presidency in the United States on his widely-watched television show, GPS, on the news channel CNN.

“The media must cover the administration’s policies fairly but it also must never let the public forget that many of the attitudes and actions of this president are gross violations of the customs and practices of the modern American system,” he said. “They are aberrations and they cannot become the new norms. That way, after Trump, the country will not start the next presidency with tattered standards and sunken expectations.”

The urgent issue at hand, he mused, is that there are no checks on the US president. “The president in effect sits above the law,” Zakaria continued. “The Justice Department works for him.” The only real check, he said, was the power of impeachment, but that seemed unlikely.

Zakaria’s cutting remarks would not have appealed to Trump’s supporters, certainly, but they have won accolades from a section of the media.

His message is equally valid for the media in India.