If there’s one thing that American pop and R&B singer Beyoncé can do – besides singing, of course – it’s pulling off intricate dance moves in her music videos and live stage performances while performing. In heels.

The big question: can fans imitate those moves?

A self-directed project by Adam France with Sebastian Andreassen The A-Z of Beyonce Dance carefully studied the singer’s discography to compile the iconic dance moves and break it down into each letter of the alphabet.

“She really has taken the torch from Michael Jackson in keeping dance alive in our A-list entertainers,” says Andreassen in his interview with Sweet, “She is the go-to for a tour where the musician sings and dances, and she pushed dance into new territory in all her work.”

There’s the obvious and popularly impersonated routine from Single Ladies, Run the World (Girls), Countdown and the one of the early music videos of “Yoncé” dancing in Crazy in Love. The rest is for the fans to guess.

Recreation of the music video 'Countdown'.
Recreation of the music video 'Countdown'.