It's a popular warning that one shouldn't accept food or drinks from strangers on Indian trains. But if the lure is more than food, and instead a beautiful young woman, men may not be able to resist, this film (video above) suggests.

Stereotypes 1, Real world thinking 0.

So, to stay safe on a train, don't fall for femme fatales, and keep all illusions of romance at bay. That's what this film put up by the YouTube channel InCrena, made in collaboration with the Railway Protection Force (East Coast Railway), seems to suggest.

Titled You are Next!, the film tries to be sinister but fails. At the start it looks like a film about a lecherous male passenger, but takes an inevitable turn when the innocent seductress he's fantasising about offers him a cup of tea with sedatives and runs off with his luggage.

Just your everyday threat to train passengers.

The Facebook page for the InCrena channel says about the film, "Crime Alert: Watch out this Mind Blowing 7 minutes Video which will Force you to Ask only Question from Yourself, 'Will I be Next?'"

Will I?