Self–driving cabs are somewhere in humanity's not-too-distant future. But look further into it, far beyond the possibilities of physics, and mankind might have access to time-travelling cabs too.

The arguments and absurdities would remain the same, with the added bother of quantum physics. Instead of where are you, the question posed will be: "When are you?"

A sample conversation:

"Can you come to August 15? What are you doing on the 12th? August 14 has a traffic jam so you can take a u-turn on the 16th and come here."


While going, it had taken less time. You are taking a longer route.

No, I am not. The universe is expanding. 

That's what Mumbai-based comic artist's Biswa Kalyan Rath's latest short is about. Starring other stand-up comic artists like Sumukhi Suresh, Vaibhav Sethia, Utsav Chakraborty and Sourav Ghosh, it's conversations between the time-travelling taxi driver played by Rath and passengers of the future.

Can't you go any faster? 

I am going at the speed of light. If I go any faster, won't the mass increase? Then don't say our driver increased our mass, warped our dimensions, destroyed our life so we will give him one star. Don't need your feedback.

Self-driving cars and taxis aim to prevent accidents. As do the time travelling cabs.

You should cancel the trip. 


I am just returning from your accident. 

Can you cancel it? I don't want to lose Rs 30.